Rework the Reform

Rework the Reform

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act proposed by Congress will have a significant impact on institutions of higher education and graduate-professional students. The provision under the bill, Sec. 1204 proposes to repeal the Interest Payment on Qualified Education Loans, Tuition & Related Expenses, Interest on United States Savings Bond, Qualified Tuition Reduction, and Employer-Provided Education Assistance. An amendment was proposed strike Sec. 1204 from the bill, and expand American Opportunity Tax Credit. Unfortunately, the amendment was voted down along party lines.

House Vote Resources November 16th

The House f Representatives will vote today on the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. Use the resources below to contact your reps. Call. Tweet. Share.

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What Can you Do?

There is still much work to be done! Stay involved with the fight as this will likely be a long one. We need your voice for this campaign to be successful so help the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students in our efforts to support graduate-professional students across the nation who will be impacted by the provisions of this bill. Here is what you can do help us be effective for you.


NAGPS Statements on the Tax Cut and Jobs Act

Press Coverage

NAGPS has been the dominant voice for graduate-professional students on this issue and the press has sought our opinion throughout. Here are links to press coverage including NAGPS mentions on this issue.

How the Tax Cut & Jobs Act Affects You