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NAGPS Weekly Updates 09/26/2022 - This week is the virtual '22 MW Region Conference, Grad Student Parent Panels, and the GSAN National Day of Action. We also continue to promote employment, research, and engagement opportunities--oh my! #Health4Grads A special message from the President and Vice President.


NAGPS Weekly Update September 11, 2022 -

Don't forget about our reproductive health member forum on Wednesday or to sign onto the open letter on graduate student debt! Catch us at the end of the month for a student parent panel discussion too.


Are you an undergrad in STEM or know someone who is? Be sure to check out our SULI program, which provides paid internships at our national labs! Apply by Oct 5 for the Spring 2023 term. @NAICUtweets @NAGPS @NACCE @NABGSocial @NACME

MS, AR, and perhaps WI will be considering federal loan forgiveness as taxable income! Pell recipients, those with "exceptional financial need" according to the federal gov, could be charged $1000+ for having their debt forgiven!

NAGPS Weekly Update August 30th, 2022 -

Updates about upcoming events, including a forum on reproductive health, and all things student loans and open access!

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