Legislative Letters 6-14-20

Attorney Generals have filed a complaint against the Department of Education’s changes to Title IX, stating that the updated regulations weaken victim’s protections. In addition, the Trump administration plans on releasing an interim rule to prevent emergency grants from being given to undocumented students. The current administration has also issued a proclamation banning Chinese graduate students and visiting scholars with ties to the Chinese military from coming to the United States.

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Attorneys General File Complaint Against Department of Education

Eighteen Attorneys General from across the United States filed a complaint against Secretary DeVos and the Department of Education because they believe the changes to reporting sexual assault and harassment have weakened protections for the victims. This is not the first suit filed against the department since the new Title IX procedures went into effect; the first suit was filed by the ACLU.

Restrictions for Emergency Grants Are Coming

Secretary DeVos and the Trump administration plan on continuing to enforce restrictions on the emergency grants given to colleges and universities by issuing an interim rule. Since it was not specifically mentioned in the CARES Act (H.R. 748), there has been a battle over whether undocumented students can receive these grants. However, the Trump administration plans on supporting DeVos’ decision in not including the undocumented students, even with California and Virginia bringing legal charges against this decision. The attorneys representing the Department of Education have stated the interim rule will probably be released in the next several weeks.


At the beginning of June, President Trump issued a proclamation that does not allow for the Chinese graduate students and visiting researchers to come to the US if they have any ties to the Chinese military. The administration claims this is to prevent any of these students and researchers from reporting scientific advances back to the Chinese military.



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