Patrick NearySyracuse UniversityFri 10:15amRunning Meetings and Robert's Rules
Michael ShahTufts UniversityFri 10:15amTechnology’s Role in Student Organizations: Beyond Twitter and Facebook
Charles CunninghamTufts UniversityFri 11amShow Me the Money!

Supporting Data
Kelli BarrUniversity of North TexasFri 11amCitation Economy Be Damned: Research in the Internet Age and the Role of Graduate Student Governments
Patrick NearySyracuse UniversityFri 11:45amGetting a Raise: TA Pay Negotiations at Syracuse University
Kelli BarrUniversity of North TexasSat 1pm A Failure to Communicate? Implications of NSF’s Broader Impacts Research Strategy for Graduate Student Governance
Nicole BaranCornell UniversitySat 3pmStrategic Planning for Graduate Student Organizations
Seonmin Park, Jason Kordosky, Susan Lawhead, and Rachel StevensNorthern Arizona UniversitySat 3pmManaging Committees with a Small Number of Members
Kelli BarrUniversity of North TexasSat 3pmIn One Peer and Out the Other: Preparing Students for the Future of Knowledge Production