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CGS calls for action to end racism and injustice: "The CGS Board of Directors condemns both the deeply embedded and structural forms of racism and injustice we see around us as well as their most immediate manifestations. We also stand in solidarity...

International students & the workers supported by the #OPT and #H-1B programs create jobs for American workers and are valuable assets to the U.S., both economically and socially @StateDept @DHSgov #OPTforUandMe #H1BforUandMe #NAGPS4U @AAUniversities @APLU_GovAffairs @CGSGradEd

#OPT and #h1bvisa workers will not be in competition with American workers in the job sectors most severely affected by COVID-19. Those programs will help create more jobs for American workers @DeptState @DHSgov #OPTforUandMe #H1BforUandMe #NAGPS4U

Read our press release on race relations in America and Acedemia. Download pdf here @UVA_GPC @WSU_GPSA @Mizzou_GPC @iubgpsg @UCDavisGSA @gsawmu @Baylor_GSA @GSG_UC @DukeGPSC @UAGPSC @GPSS_Advocacy @pittgpsg @SU_GSO @UofAGPSC @UNMGPSA @EIU_GSAC


Suspending the #OPT and #h1bvisa programs will not create job opportunities for American workers. It will cost jobs for american workers. @StateDept @DHSgov @APLU_GovAffairs #OPTandH1BforUandMe #OPTforUandMe #H1BforUandMe #NAGPS4U

.@WhiteHouse Supporting programs like #OPT and #H-1B that attracts and retains international students & workers is a proven method of creating jobs and strengthening the economy. @StateDept @DHSgov #OPTforUandMe #H1BforUandMe #NAGPS4U @APLU_GovAffairs @CGSGradEd @AAUniversities

.@[WhiteHouse In 2016, it was estimated that international students subsidized American public higher education by an estimated $9 billion annually. @StateDept @DHSgov #OPTforUandMe #H1BforUandMe #NAGPS4U @APLU_GovAffairs @CGSGradEd @AAUniversities @UVA_GPC @Baylor_GSA @WSU_GPSA

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