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Here's a parting .GIF(t) - my reaction to ED telling the TEACH Grant #negreg subcommittee that the prior TEACH servicer had mistakenly converted grants to loans while some recipients were still in school(!)... A fun reminder of all the WHAT THE WHAT!? moments along the way!

Graduate workers are researching, teaching & grading. They’re WORKERS. Since 2016, graduate workers have joined together in unions for better pay & working conditions. Now the Trump Administration wants to take away their right to join a union 👎

If I ever become a PI, I will prioritize respecting and promoting the wellness of my trainees over advancing my research discoveries. Healthy work environments promote good science. Science born out of disrespect and abuse is not worth it.

#AcademicTwitter #phdchat @PhD_Balance

Join us and the @ukygsc for our 2019 National Conference at the @univofkentucky ! We will be launching the Leadership Academy and digging deep into graduate student leadership and advocacy. #gradlife #buildingstrongerleaders #studentempowerment #academia

How can health care organizations begin to address the factors that affect clinician burnout?

New case studies from @theNAMedicine provide actionable solutions. #ClinicianWellBeing

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