Board of Directors

Sean Schrader

President & CEO
Sean is currently in the final year of his MBA program at the University of South Florida, and has called Clearwater, FL home throughout his entire life. Sean is passionate about community impact, and has been afforded different opportunities to serve within his city, at his university, and within the federal government. Following the completion of his MBA, Sean aspires to travel abroad before returning to the United States to pursue a law degree with an ultimate goal of public service in some capacity.


Vice President

Thaddeus Potter

Immediate Past President
Thad Potter is the President and CEO of NAGPS for 2022. He has previously served as the Director of Legislative Affairs. He is a 5th year PhD candidate in Physics at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Working at the Lowell Center for Space Science and Technology, his research focuses on the direct imaging of exoplanets using a ballon-based telescope. Currently, he is working on developing a thermal and mechanical model of upcoming missions. Thad’s goal for the year is to improve the quality and consistency of communications from NAGPS, to facilitate greater connections between members, and to offer more and better services to the membership. Outside of research and NAGPS, Thad enjoys weightlifting, home brewing, and playing dungeons and dragons. He is an Eagle scout, receiving the award in 2013 from the South West Florida Council.


Director of Legislative Affairs


Director of Communications

Alex Seto

Director of Administration & CIO


Director of Finance and CFO,

Anne Callahan

Director of Outreach

Pramoth Guhan

Director of International Concerns

Haricharan Mahalingam

Director of Employment Concerns