2018 Vice-President & COO

Joseph Verardo

Vice President & COO
Joseph Verardo is the Vice President and COO of the NAGPS in his second term. As VP, Joseph oversees the board of directors, and the operations of the association. Joseph also works closely with members of the board on outreach, advocacy, financing, and recruitment. Joseph presides over the association’s national conferences.

Joseph believes that it is vital to keep the voices of students in the forefront when it comes to higher education policy decisions on Capitol Hill, and that Master's, PhD, and professional students are adequately represented in the decision-making process. Joseph’s plans for the year include continuing efforts of outreach to engage constituents, promoting NAGPS as a resource for campus endeavours, assisting with elevating the association’s profile nationally, engaging new partners, working with regional chairs on empowering members of their regions, and continuing to develop content heavy and financially successful national conferences.

Joseph previously served as Director of Finance, and 2016 National Conference Director. He holds Master's Degrees and Public Policy, and Technological Systems Management. At Stony Brook Joseph served two terms as Treasurer of the Graduate Student Organization, as a member of the University Senate Executive Committee, and as a Trustee on the Stony Brook Council.