The PROSPER Act proposed by the U.S. House of Representatives is their at recommendation of how to reauthorize the Higher Education Act. If passed, the PROSPER Act, will redefine higher education in the United States for years to come. There are number of provisions in the PROSPER that are concerning for graduate-professional students, undergraduates, and the higher education community. The PROSPER Act:

  • Eliminates Grad Plus loans and Perkins loans
  • Eliminates Public Service loan Forgiveness
  • Caps student loans at $28,500 annually and $150,000 in total
  • Holds makes our campuses less safe by holding our campuses less accountable for sexual assaults and campus safety issues
  • Eliminates Subsidized Stafford loans
  • Eliminates federal work study for graduate students
  • Preserves the disparity between in student loan interest rates that mandates graduate-professional students pay the highest interest rates of all borrowers.

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