2016 National Conference Bids

In order to submit a bid, a member organization must first submit a letter to the NAGPS Board of Directors. There is no express deadline to submit this letter; the Board simply needs to receive it before the time comes to present national conference bids. This letter needs to contain the following:

  1. Express approval of the member organization to host the conference, and;
  2. The name of a Director of National Conference, who shall coordinate with the NAGPS and the host organization.

The bid itself consists of a proposal, presented to the membership of NAGPS during the business meeting at the 2014 National Conference. This proposal must contain the following information (although it may contain additional material):

  1. Dates of conference (must be between 15 October and 1 December).
  2. Location and member organization overview.
  3. Conference schedule and overview.
  4. Meeting facilities.
  5. Accommodations.
  6. Projected budget.
  7. Projected expenses for an attending organization.
  8. Name of the Director of National Conference.
  9. Required assistance from the NAGPS.

Each bidding organization will then have five minutes to take questions from the members. After all proposals have been given, all bidding organizations will be asked to leave the room, after which the remaining members will debate and vote on the 2015 National Conference host.

Duties of the Host Organization

The host will assist the Director of National Conference in organizing the conference, including facilities, volunteer assistance, etc. The content and registration cost of the conference is planned and set by the Board of Directors, who will communicate with the Director of National Conference through the NAGPS Vice President. The host organization will have primary responsibility for fundraising, although all sponsorships must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Benefits for the Host Organization

The host organization will not be assessed membership dues for the year they host the conference. At the conclusion of the conference, any excess funds will be split between the host organization and NAGPS. The host is allowed unlimited free registration at its own conference, and will be given two free registrations for the conference following.