2016 Elections and Nominations

At the National Conference, the members of NAGPS elect a majority of the officers on the Board of Directors. The list of officers includes: [list type=”circle_list”]

  • President
    • Kristofferson Culmer – University of Missouri (Elected)
    • Zachary Brooks – University of Arizona
  • Vice President
    • Scout Johnson – University of Arkansas (Elected)
  • Director of Finance
    • Joseph Verardo – Stony Brook University (Elected)
  • Director of Communications
    • Melanie Thornton – Washington State University
  • Director of Administration
    • Denisha Griffey – Western Michigan University
  • Director of Outreach
    • Ashley Carter – Florida State University
    • Dwayne Johnson – NC A&T
  • Director of Relations
    • Pauline Venieris – Arizona State University
    • Will Nathan – Bowie State
  • Director of Legislative Affairs
    • Kathryn Harris – Washington State University
    • Katie Steen – University of Missouri
  • Chair of the Employment Concerns Committee
    • Alex Howe – University of Missouri
  • Chair of the International Student Concerns Committee
    • Samaneh Mesabhi – Carnegie Mellon University
    • Rajesh Kumar – Syracuse University
  • Chair of the Legal Concerns Committee
  • Chair of the Social Justice Committee
    • Sam Leitermann – Syracuse University[/list]

The remaining positions (the regional chairs) are elected by their respective regions at the National Conference.

The procedures for electing officers will be described here soon. Nominations can be made beforehand through  our online form.

A candidate can run for more than one position. Please refer to our Constitution and Bylaws for information regarding position responsibilities, and feel free to email the respective officers for more information or questions.