NAGPS Membership Options

The term of membership is from the start of a national conference to the start of the next national conference.  If an organization or individual joins after a national conference, the term starts at the time of payment and terminates at the upcoming national conference.  If an organization or individual joins at or after their respective regional conference, the fee is halved (“pro-rated”) and the membership expires at the start of the upcoming national conference. Join NAGPS here.

NAGPS offers our members a great set of benefits. 

Organizational Member Benefits

This group membership is available to all organizations that represent the graduate and/or professional student community at their educational institution. View benefits.

Current Student (Individual) Member Benefits

Current graduate/professional students not represented by an organizational membership are eligible to join as an Individual Member. View benefits.

Affiliate (Individual & Institutional) Member Benefits

This membership is open to any individual or organization that supports the mission of NAGPS.  Eligible organizations must serve the graduate/professional student community such as graduate/professional student offices, universities, agencies, and other institutions. View benefits.

Who should apply?A representative body of graduate and/or professional students at a college or university.A current graduate and/or professional student not represented by an organizational member.A person or organization supporting the mission of NAGPS.
  • Developing (<200 students or budget <$3000)

  • Regular

  • Legacy (lifetime)
  • Individual

  • Institutional
Membership Fees
  • Developing: 5% of annual budget for budgets less than $10,000

  • Regular: $500/year

  • Legacy (lifetime): $12,500
  • Individual: $75/year

  • Institutional: $750/year
Eligible to vote?YesYesNo
Members-Only AreaYesYesYes
BenefitsListed hereListed hereListed here

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