Spring 2015 Advocacy Summit & Legislative Action Days

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Date(s) - 03/20/2015 - 03/24/2015
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Crystal City Marriott at Reagan National Airport


[headline]Join Us for Spring 2015 Advocacy Summit & Legislative Action Days[/headline]

Graduate and professional education has never been more important for our nation and yet it faces so many challenges.The time to tell our story is now. Congress will not act on these issues until we make our voices heard in Washington. Your story is powerful and collectively we can have an impact. Join us for our Legislative Action Days on March 20-24, 2015.

[headline]Spring 2015 Legislative Priorities[/headline]

At LAD this Spring, we will focus on four main  issues:

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We urge our members of Congress to support legislation that:

  1. Reunify the undergraduate and graduate rates to reverse the current inequalities
  2. Reinstate graduate-professional students’ eligibility for subsidized loans


[toggle title=”Open Access”]

We urge our members of Congress to support legislation that ensures public access to research that has been funded through taxpayer dollars.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Higher Education Funding”]

We urge our members of Congress to support legislation that:

  1. Increases and sustains research funding to the NSF, NIH, national labs, and other federal research agencies to account for budget caps and sequestration cuts
  2. Reinstates and ensures future NSF funding for all types of political science research
  3. Restores funding for the Javits and GAANN fellowship programs to $39 million
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Student Visas”]

We urge our members of Congress to support a bipartisan approach to immigration reform. Specifically, we ask that they support legislation that:

  1. Allow for domestic re-validation of F-type student visas
  2. Increases the number of visas and green cards available to non-US born graduate and professional students
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Member registration: $25.00

Non- member registration: $50.00




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[/tab] [tab title=Accommodation ] [headline]LAD Accommodations[/headline]

The recommended hotel for the event is:

**All LAD training on Saturday and Sunday will be done at the conference hotel.

Crystal City Marriott at Reagan National Airport

1999 Jefferson Davis Highway Arlington VA 22202

NAGPS has secured a nightly rate of $179/night from 3/20-3/24 if booked by Friday, February 27th

[headline]Booking Information[/headline]

Call 1-800-228-9290 or 703-413-5500 on or before Friday, February 27th

Identify as NAGPS Advocacy Summit/LAD to receive $179/night rate

[/tab] [tab title=Schedule ]

Download the Draft Schedule

[/tab] [tab title=Leave-Behinds]

Please review these documents before arriving in Washington DC. These are the documents we will be presenting to legislators that state our position on the legislation we are advocating for.

[/tab] [tab title=Resources ] [headline]Downloads[/headline]

We have provided sample letters to assist you as you prepare your funding requests and request meetings with your representatives.

Find the template to request a meeting here

Here’s a listing of local restaurants, all within 5-7 minutes of the hotel

[/tab] [tab title=”How to Prepare”]

To assist you in preparing for LAD, the training, and your congressional visits, here’s a list of things we recommend you do before arriving in DC.

Prepare your wardrobe

Dress code for LAD are as follows:

  1. Saturday & Sunday training: Business
  2. Monday & Tuesday Congressional visits: Business Professional


Familiarize yourself with our Advocacy Materials

  1. Review the Congressional leave-behinds found in the “Leave-Behinds” tab on this page
  2. Review the Talking points document (Coming Soon)
  3. Review the Prezi Presentation (Coming Soon)

Reviewing documents from the Fall 2014 LAD will prove useful if you want information before documents for the Spring event have been uploaded.

Think of Your Personal Experiences

Legislators love to hear personal stories about how issues affect their constituents. It is, often times, these personal testimonials that provide the impetus for our legislators to act. Therefore, although we will be providing you with talking points, facts, and figures on the issues you should also think about how some of these issues personally affect you and people you know.


Come with Questions

We want you to be as comfortable and prepared as possible. If there is a point of clarification you need on some of our issues or if you have a question about the process, schedule, or some other topic related to LAD or NAGPS, please don’t hesitate to ask. We will be prepared to assist.


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