2016 Northeast Regional Conference, Stony Brook, April 15-17 2016

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Date(s) - 04/15/2016 - 04/17/2016
12:00 pm

Stony Brook University


Join us for the 2016 NAGPS Northeast Regional Conference!


Stony Brook, NY; Stony Brook University: Entrance

Please join  your fellow student leaders from across the northeast at Stony Brook University on Long Island, NY from April 15th-17th 2016. Travis Kruse and Samema Sarowar, the NAGPS Regional Vice Chair and Regional Social Justice Chair, are our Directors of Conference.  We hope to see you there!


[tabgroup] [tab title=Checklist ] [headline]Checklist[/headline]
  1. Please review all the tabs for detailed information about registration and contributing to the conference.
  2. Register for Conference
  3. Book your Hotel
  4. Submit an Abstract for Session
  5. NAGPS Members: Nominate someone or yourself for a Regional Board Position
  6. NAGPS Members: Submit a bid to host the 2017 Northeast Regional Conference
[/tab] [tab title=Register ] [headline]Registration Fees[/headline]

Registration Fees

NAGPS member

Early registration: $35

Late registration (after 4/1) : $50

Non-member: $50
Register Now
[/tab] [tab title=Accommodations][headline]Accommodations[/headline]

NAGPS has secured a block rate for rooms at The Hilton Garden Inn on Stony Brook of $149 a night.  It expires March 16th so book now here!

Alternatively you can book at Holiday Inn Express and take a 5 minute ride to get to Stony Brook’s campus.


[/tab] [tab title=Transportation][headline]Transportation[/headline]

Flying into JFK?  To get to Stony Brook:

  1. Take the AirTrain from JFK to Jamaica station, 20 minutes ($5).
  2. Take the LIRR from Jamaica to Stony Brook, usually a 1.5 hour ride and ~$15.
  3. Walk to the hotel across the campus, a 15 minute walk, or take a taxi.

Flying into Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP)?  To get to Stony Brook:

  1. Take a taxi to Stony Brook University, 30 minutes.

Bussing into New York City?  To get to Stony Brook:

  1. Walk or take the subway to Penn Station, 34th street.
  2. Take the LIRR from Penn Station to Stony Brook, usually a 2 hour ride and ~$15 (see http://lirr42.mta.info/schedules.php).

Taking the Ferry to Port Jefferson?  To get to Stony Brook:

  1. Either take a taxi to Stony Brook or take the LIRR one stop from Port Jefferson to Stony Brook.

Driving to Stony Brook University?

  1. Follow your GPS to your hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn at Stony Brook or Holiday Inn Express Stony Brook.
  2. Parking on campus is sometimes restricted and is indicated by posted signs. Parking at hotel depends on hotel policies.
[/tab] [tab title=Abstracts & Roundtables ] [headline]Abstracts & Roundtables[/headline]

The full list of abstracts and roundtables can be found in the  conference program.

NAGPS regional conferences serve as a forum where student leaders from the region come together to share best practices, learn about national platforms, and grow in their understanding of issues relevant to graduate students in the Northeast. The conference presentations are a great opportunity to highlight your organization, as well as to learn from the wisdom of your fellow student leaders. Presentations are typically 15-20 minutes in length with 10 minutes for questions.  Many presentations are roundtables, which allow conference attendees to directly share experiences and focus discussion around major issues.
Submit Your Abstract [/tab] [/tab] [tab title=Elections ] [headline]Regional Board Elections[/headline]

Interested in being more involved in NAGPS? Why not start with a regional board position? Elections will be held during the regional business meeting for the following positions (full description of positions here):

-Vice Chair
-Director of Outreach
-Director of Legislative Affairs
-Director of Communications & Administration
-Employment Concerns Chair
-Social Justice Chair
-International Student Concerns Chair
-Legal Concerns Chair


During the business meeting portion of the conference, elections for each of the positions will be held. For each position, each candidate will get the chance to give their “campaign speech” followed by question and answer by the membership. Afterwards, a closed discussion and closed vote will determine who is elected. (NOTE: Regional Chair positions are elected at the National Conference).

 If you have any questions or want to run for a position but cannot attend the business meeting please contact the Northeast Regional Chair, Daniel Gingerich at nerc@nagps.org

Self-nominations are encouraged!


  Nominate Here

 [/tab] [tab title=Bids for the 2017 Northeast Regional Conference ] [headline]Bids for the 2017 Northeast Regional Conference[/headline]

If you are interested in hosting the 2016 Northeast Regional Conference, you must submit a letter of intent to the NAGPS Executive Committee (excomm@nagps.org) AND Regional Chair (nerc@nagps.org) before the regional conference, April 15th, 2016. This letter shall provide two important elements: (1) approval of the graduate-professional student organization (GPSO) to host the regional conference; this can include approval from your GPSO, Dean, or Administrator, and (2) a named Director of Regional Conference to coordinate planning and volunteers of the regional conference (the Director must be a member of the host organization).

After submitting the letter, you would present your bid proposal to the membership at the 2016 Regional Conference. Please limit your presentation to no more than 10 minutes and 10 slides. Click here for an example bid. The presentation shall include, but is not limited to:

  1. Dates of conference (must occur between March 1st and April 30th)
  2. Location and member organization overview
  3. Meeting facilities
  4. Accommodations
  5. Projected budget
  6. Projected expenses for an attending organization
  7. Name of the Director of Regional Conference
  8. Required assistance from the Association

Time will be allotted for questions on each proposal. After all regional bid presentations have concluded, there may be a closed discussion followed by a vote of the membership. The majority vote of the regional membership will elect the host institution for the 2017 Regional Conference.

Host institutions shall secure funding for the conference. It is the responsibility of the host school to lead fundraising efforts. All fundraising and other partners must be submitted to the Board of Directors, which reserves the right to reject any partnership. Host institutions shall adhere to the NAGPS Constitution, Bylaws, and Standard Operating Procedures. All approved written and verbal communications to host the conference are binding.

For more information or questions, please contact the Vice President, M. Scout Johnson at vp@nagps.org.

[/tab] [tab title=Schedule ] [headline] Schedule[/headline]

A detailed schedule can be found in the full conference program.

Tentative Schedule

Friday evening: Welcome Session and Evening Activity
Saturday morning: Sessions
Saturday afternoon: Business meeting, Keynote
Saturday evening: Dinner, Evening Activity
Sunday morning: New regional board meeting


Welcome Dinner on Friday, and Social Event on Saturday are casual.

Conference on Saturday is business casual.

[/tab] [/tabgroup]

As a region, we meet once a year at our Regional Conference to discuss the issues and concerns that are important to graduate and professional students across the region. The Regional Conference is one of the best venues and opportunities to network and meet other leaders across the Northeast and exchange best practices of your graduate organizations.

On behalf of the Northeast Regional Board, we are excited for you to come join us this year at the Stony Brook University.
Daniel Gingerich
Northeast Regional Chair