Elections and Nominations

Current nominees are listed here.

At the National Conference, the members of NAGPS elect a majority of the officers on the Board of Directors. During the membership business meetings, we will elect (in this order):[list type=”circle_list”]

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Communications
  • Director of Administration
  • Director of Outreach
  • Director of Relations
  • Director of Legislative Affairs
  • Chair of the Employment Concerns Committee
  • Chair of the International Student Concerns Committee
  • Chair of the Legal Concerns Committee
  • Chair of the Social Justice Committee[/list]

The remaining positions (the regional chairs) are elected by their respective regions at the National Conference.

For each position, we will begin by taking nominations made beforehand through our online form as well as nominations from the floor. Each candidate will then be given three minutes to speak, followed by a three minute question period for each candidate. Once all candidates have spoken and questions asked, the candidates will leave the room, and there will be five minutes of discussion. Following discussion, the members will vote (remember that in all matters, each member organization gets one vote). A candidate is elected if he or she receives more than half of the votes. If there are more than two candidates, we use preferential voting to speed up this process, as per our bylaws.

If a candidate is not elected for one position, he or she may run for any later position. In that case, the candidate gets two minutes to speak, and is allotted two minutes to be asked questions by the membership.

Each vote for a particular position will occur at a predefined membership meeting time, stated in the agenda (found in the conference program). This will allow the meetings to remain on schedule. Please make sure to show up to the meeting block of the position you want to run for!