Joseph Verardo | Director of Finance

Joseph VeradoAs Director of Finance and Chief Financial Officer Joseph manages the income, expenditures, and financial operations of the NAGPS. He maintains the Association’s financial accounts, performs budget projections, reports on the Association’s financial health and standing, processes reimbursements, and develops an annual budget.

Joseph’s experience in finance comes from his time as Treasurer of the Graduate Student Organization at Stony Brook University. There he is the officer in charge of managing all budgetary matters, raising funds, overseeing the distribution of grants and financial services, budgeting for key initiatives and major events, and the approval process of budget proposals by member organizations. He also serves as a voting member of Stony Brook Council which operates as an NYS advisory board to senior university officials, and is an elected Representative on RA Council.

Joseph is studying Technological Systems Management at Stony Brook University in the Energy, Technology, and Policy track. He has a Master’s Degree in Public Policy, and a Bachelor’s in Political Science with specializations in International Relations and American Government.

As Director of Finance he plans to streamline financial operating procedures, enhance the organization’s investment portfolio, identify areas to invest that would expand the success of NAGPS efforts and initiatives, and organize a highly successful NAGPS National Conference culminating the Association’s 30th Anniversary teaching advocacy, leadership, and empowerment.”


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