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Volunteer Program Overview

No matter your experience, whether a student or working professional or retiree, NAGPS needs you. The Presidential Task Forces range (see below) deals with all the issues facing the graduate-professional student community. For those interested in a possible career in the non-profit world, serving one of our national efforts is a great opportunity to see the inner-workings, the challenges and triumphs, of an organization which is run entirely by unpaid volunteers.  All of our many task forces need volunteers like you!

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NAGPS is searching for volunteers to both lead task forces and serve under task force coordinators. Some task forces have been inactive for a long time and new coordinators are desperately needed to make them operational. In these cases, the volunteer will have a great deal of say in how the task force is run. Volunteers will have the opportunity to meet with the NAGPS President & CEO on a monthly basis to discuss issues, and updates.

Typical Volunteer
Our volunteers have a flexible approach to work. Special projects constantly arise in volunteer positions. Our volunteers have a lot of say in what they do as long as it is approved by the director and follows the mission of NAGPS.  Volunteers work independently or in groups, depending on the task force.

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Volunteers with NAGPS must speak English fluently and have a great attitude. They must also be mature, responsible, team players, fast learners, flexible and interested in the graduate-professional student community.  Most importantly, our volunteers must be dependable and willing to help others and make a difference!

Presidential Task Forces

Corporate Relations & Fundraising
Volunteers will work to recruit and develop relationships with like-minded organizations and corporations. Volunteers will play a key role in determining and implementing sponsorship and donor strategy on a regional and national level. Collaborate to develop fundraising events, assist in cultivating new donors, and creating/managing donor database and communications.

Diversity & Human Rights (Social Justice Committee)
Volunteers for the Social Justice Committee will work to coordinate the development and advocacy of policies and programs which create a more inclusive community in all realms of the graduate-professional student community. Volunteers will initiate programs, research, and projects to understand and enhance the recruitment, retention, and development of a diverse graduate-professional student community.

Employment Concerns (Employment Concerns Committee)
Volunteers for the Employment Concerns Committee will work towards improving post-graduation employment career opportunities for students by (1) analyzing the role universities play in fostering career growth and (2) understanding trends in graduate-professional student stipends and benefits.  Volunteers will work to provide resources for students and their representative organizations with respect to pre and post-graduation employment.

Federal, State, Local Government Policy (Legislative Concerns Committee)
Advocacy is one of the three core missions of NAGPS, to ensure that the concerns of graduate-professional students nationwide are heard by their leaders. Volunteers will work to improve the lives of graduate students throughout the United States by organizing direct lobbying through its semiannual Legislative Action Days, informing students of federal legislative and administrative actions that will affect the graduate-professional student community, assisting in organizing local and national advocacy efforts to bring about lasting changes.  Volunteers will act as the main group to tackle educational laws and policies.

Grant Writing
The grant writer researches, prioritizes, and applies for grants from a wide variety of governmental, private, and public foundations and institutions. The grant-writing initiative at NAGPS is conducted by volunteers.  Although supervised by the President & Immediate Past President experienced in fundraising techniques, the grant writer manages the entire grant writing process, building on existing resources for grant writing.This is an excellent opportunity to learn about grant writing for a medium- sized nonprofit and school credit is available for the unpaid internship option. Excellent writing skills are a must. Knowledge about social and political issues related to the graduate-professional student community is preferred, but not required.

International Student Concerns (International Student Concerns Committee)
Volunteers will work on upcoming and current issues with respect to the international student populations.  Volunteers will be charged to assist in the creation, development, and enhancement of resources and support for the international graduate-professional student community. Additionally, volunteers will work to cultivate relationships with national organizations and academic institutions that are concerned with international student issues.

Media Relations
Volunteers will work to enhance communication with the graduate-professional student community by utilizing social networking websites and through the the Postgraduate Voice, the NAGPS newsletter, and the Annunciator, a periodic e-mail news announcement. Additionally, NAGPS volunteers will work to increase the the visibility of the graduate-professional student community and extend the recognition of the contributions to society made by the graduate-professional student community. Additonally, volunteers will work closely with volunteers students from all over the nation to get every state to recognize Graduate-Professional Student Appreciation Week.

Program/Initiative Development & Leadership
Volunteers will work on the development and execution of programs and initiatives that benefit the graduate-professional student community.  Initiatives may be focused around the NAGPS committees, development of events, or other opportunities that NAGPS can build on to enhance graduate-professional student welfare.

Resource Development
Volunteers will work on a crucial area to develop national resources for graduate-professional students and their institutional representative organizations in an effort to bring together a comprehensive and effective supplement to materials and resources developed institutional. Volunteers may work with local and national leaders on topic-specific resource development.

Student Outreach 
Volunteers will work closely with the Director of Outreach and the Regional Chairs to execute and develop a comprehensive recruitment and retention strategy.  Volunteers will work to develop a comprehensive database of graduate-professional student organizations and institutions. In addition, a major component of the volunteer work will focus on informing graduate-professional student organizations about NAGPS.

Web Development
Volunteers will work closely with the Director of Administration to maintain existing web technologies used by the NAGPS and assist in the design and implementation of new web services to better support other efforts of the NAGPS. In the least, volunteers will assist in basic administrative changes and updates. More tech savvy volunteers with a knowledge of HTML/CSS and, preferably, PHP or Javascript will assist in substantive technology upgrades and social media integration efforts.

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