2018 Northeast Regional Chair

Bradley Sommer

Northeast Regional Chair

Brad Sommer is a 3rd year PhD student in the Department of History at Carnegie Mellon University. From a Bruce Springsteen-esque town in Ohio, he received his BA from the University of Toledo and his MA from the University of Cincinnati. At CMU, he studies African American, urban, and working-class history, focusing on issues of race and class identity in twentieth-century Midwestern industrial cities. His most recent work was on the Toledo NAACP’s effort to combat housing discrimination in defense industries during the Second World War. Currently, he serves as the Vice President of Campus Affairs on the CMU Graduate Student Assembly, working on issues around TA training, PhD advisor-advisee relationships, gender-inclusive spaces, mental health awareness, and health care literacy. He recently was the Employment Concerns Advocate for the Northeast Region of NAGPS. As the Northeast Regional Chair, his main goals are to recruit new members and past members, promote advocacy training and leadership skills in local graduate student organizations, and, hopefully, to develop a series of local and state Legislative Action Days in order to help graduate students affect change at the local level. When not adding books to his library of over 1,000 volumes, he can be found doing crossword puzzles in ink, collecting vinyl records, texting in complete sentences, and consuming large quantities of breakfast foods. He also played football and used to do a lot of musical theatre.