Legacy Members

Organizational Members

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Regional Board

Brandon CreaganThe Ohio State UniversityChairmwrc@nagps.org
Damon ChambersWestern Michigan UniversityVice Chairmwrvc@nagps.org
OPENDirector of Communicationsmw-communications@nagps.org
Christina CollinsWestern Michigan UniversityDirector of Outreachmw-outreach@nagps.org
David BowersThe Ohio StateDirector of Legislative Affairsmw-legislative@nagps.org
OPENEmployment Concerns Chairmw-ecc@nagps.org
OPENInternational Student Concerns Chairmw-iscc@nagps.org
OPENSocial Justice Chairmw-sjcc@nagps.org

If you are interested in filling any open positions on the Midwest Regional Board and belong to any of the legacy or organizational member organizations (or have individual NAGPS membership), please contact the Midwest Region Chair, mwrc@nagps.org.