2018 International Student Concerns Advocate

Karen F. Da Silva

International Concerns Advocate

Karen F. Da Silva, originally from Sao Paulo city, Brazil and moved to Lincoln, Nebraska (USA) in 2011, is a 3rd year PhD student in Plant Pathology/ Agronomy-Horticulture. She has been involved in advocacy activities since 2013 with the main motive to improve her communication skills and knowledge on main issues/challenges regarding higher education in this country. She has held advocacy leadership positions as the Vice President and President at the University Nebraska Graduate Student Assembly. Currently she serves as the International Student Concerns Advocate (ISCA) for the NAGPS. In her role as ISCA and as an international student, she would like to secure a good experience for all international students in the U.S. Also, her goals include educating the domestic students about the importance of international graduate students and how these talented students effective support the growth of the economy in this country. Karen loves to spend her limited leisure time enjoying outdoor activities and traveling.