2017 Director of Relations

Alan Zhang

Director of Relations

As Director of Relations, Alan Zhang maintains NAGPS’ corporate, organizational, and institutional relationships. Alan works closely with the NAGPS board to develop clear messaging and metrics that articulate the NAGPS value to its members, supporters, donors, and partners. An essential value that NAGPS offers, is its platform and exposure to graduate and professional students across the country, and Alan works to connect these students with the businesses and organizations who aim to provide them products, services, and resources.

Alan is a Masters student at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL), where he is studying Customer Analytics and preparing to apply for Ph.D programs in Organizational Behavior. Prior to the Masters, he received a BA degree in Neuroscience and Health care management, and has worked several years in neuroscience and genetics laboratories, as well as 2 years in sales and marketing consulting.

Alan currently serves as Vice President of Social Programming at WUSTL’s Graduate Professional Council (GPC), and as President of the Olin Business School’s Specialized Masters Program student leadership. Alan is passionate about improving academic life, graduate student professional development, interdisciplinary research, education, and international student experiences.