2018 Director of Legislative Affairs

Kaylynne Glover

Director of Legislative Affairs

Kaylynne Glover is a PhD Candidate in Biology at the University of Kentucky. Her research broadly encompasses the biology of what makes us human; more specifically, her work addresses the effect of fertility on behavior and the factors that influence sexually coercive behavior. With a background in science education, she seeks to improve the public’s relationship to science, particularly with religious communities who perceive science as a threat to their identity. By helping to mold policy, devise effective educational procedures, and work directly with the public to increase scientific literacy, this will in turn provide support for research endeavors and the implementation of evidence-based policy.

Kaylynne has experience as an instructor and advisor and has served on university panels and committees, including chairing a subcommittee on graduate student experience. She has recently undergone training in science policy, the federal budget, and public engagement. She currently serves as the External Affairs Officer and is the Emeritus President of the University of Kentucky’s Graduate Student Congress. She also serves on the Midwest Regional Board of Directors for the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS) as the Director of Advocacy and Social Justice and the Director of Legislative Affairs.