Sam Leitermann | Social Justice Advocate

Sam Lietermann

Samuel Leitermann is a graduate student at Syracuse University, where he is entering his 4th year in the Mathematics/ Mathematics Education department. He obtained a MS in Mathematics in May 2014, and is completing a MS in Mathematics Education. He has a BS in Mathematics from Manhattan College.

Sam is currently the Internal Vice President of the Graduate Student Organization at Syracuse University, and is involved in improving working and living conditions for graduate students.  He has contributed to the ongoing strategic planning process at Syracuse, and was involved in the Chancellor’s Workgroup to address issues of Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence. He works closely with the president of the Organization on a variety of social justice, employment, and other issues.

Sam is from Hamden, Connecticut and is involved in his community through church and service with the Boy Scouts. He is an Eagle Scout, and the director of the youth group at St. Luke’s in Camillus, New York.

Sam looks forward to championing the causes of social justice for graduate students and leading the advocacy board. He works with the Director of Legislative Affairs and the Legislative Concerns Committee to address the issues facing graduate students today. His goals for this year include expanding NAGPS national reach through increased press and media engagement as well as creating resources for local advocacy at member institutions.

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