Samuel Leitermann | President

As President and CEO of NAGPS, Sam Leitermann is responsible for guiding the mission and vision of NAGPS, as well as being the face of NAGPS to internal and external organizations.


Sam is enrolled in Masters of Education program focusing on Math Education at Syracuse University, where he previously received his Masters of Science in Mathematics. He has previously served as the Internal Vice President of the Graduate Student Organization at Syracuse University, as well as serving as the Social Justice Advocate of NAGPS for the past two years. As the Social Justice Advocate he originated the Advocacy Platform for NAGPS, as well as authoring myriad op-eds and statements, as well as an amicus curiae brief in the Columbia NLRB case.
From his first protest in 2002, Sam has been an active contributor  to political and social activism for most of his adult life, and has been active in higher ed policy for over 6 years.