Pauline Venieris | Director of Relations

Pauline VenierisAs the National Director of Relations for NAGPS, Pauline handles fundraising including sponsorships, grant applications, and fundraising events. Pauline also works with outside parties to create a representative image for graduate students across the country in conjunction with the Director of Communication.  In her term as Director of Relations, Pauline plans to expand annual sponsorships at a corporate level, increase the budget through grants, and is committed to organizing the first annual Graduate Advocacy Gala in the spring.

Pauline is currently a doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology at Arizona State University.  Her research involves qualitative investigation of undergraduate social justice advocacy with implications for college campus personnel. She is also interested in positive psychology, specifically in developing Pauline loves to teach and is an adjunct Professor in the Behavioral Sciences department at a local community college. She is passionate about clinical work and has much experience in working with emerging adults and developing university outreach initiatives. Pauline is committed to social justice and infuses a social justice framework in her teaching, research, and outreach efforts.    

Pauline grew up in Los Angeles, California where she started studying Sociology. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from University of California, Los Angeles in 2002. She continued with an Interdisciplinary Master’s degree from New York University in Sociology, Education, and Race/Ethnic Relations. She then decided that she wanted to work more closely with people in empowering change and continued with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Having fallen in love with Psychology, she decided to pursue her doctorate in Counseling Psychology. At the end of her third graduate school experience, Pauline will be completing her internship, the capstone experience of her doctoral degree, in the 2016-2017 year. After that, her goals involve providing therapy, supervision, training, and teaching at the University level.

Beyond NAGPS, Pauline is very involved on her ASU campus as the President of the Graduate and Professional Student Association where she represents over 15,000 graduate and professional students. She has a passion for advocating with graduate students at the local and federal levels, increasing personal and professional support for graduate students, and working to create a sense of unity where students can support and encourage one another. She is excited about continuing to support her local community and graduate and professional students across the nation.
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