Social Justice Advocate

Take Action, Become Involved.

The social justice advocate works with the Advocacy Board on issues of Equality, Accessibility, Dignity, and Human Rights.  We are currently seeking membership for those interested in working on any of the following areas:

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  • Disabilities
  • Family Concerns and Leave Policies
  • Gender Equity
  • Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity
  • LGBTQ+
  • Mental Health Services
  • Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence

Is the area you are passionate about not listed here?  Email us and let us know!

Contact Information: Social Justice Advocate,

Advocacy Board Information

The Advocacy Board of NAGPS is a standing committee composed of the Employment Concerns Advocate, the International Student Concerns Advocate, and the Social Justice Advocate. It is the main working group on issues laid out in our advocacy platform.

Please contact the Chair of the Advocacy Board if you are interested in joining this committee. The activities of the committee can be found here.

Resolutions Related to Social Justice

These resolutions were voted upon and passed by the NAGPS Membership at the various National Conferences listed.

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  • “Enhancing our National Understanding of Diversity” [Boston Conference (1998)]
  • “Advocating the Theme for the 1999 NAGPS Conference” [Boston Conference (1998)]
  • “Specific Suggestions to Address the Child Care Needs of Students [Boston Conference (1998)]
  • “Domestic Partnership Equality” [Boston Conference (1998)]
  • “To Support Equal Opportunity” [New Orleans (1997)]
  • “To Support the Recruitment of Minority Students & Women by Graduate & Professional Schools” [New Orleans (1997)]
  • “In Support of Diversity” [Santa Monica Conference (1996)]
  • Student Bill of Rights [Minneapolis (2007)]

Useful Internet Links

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