Legislative Concerns Committee

The Legislative Concerns Committee holds its meetings on the third Sunday of every month at 5pm EST by teleconference. All members are invited to join the meetings and activities of the Legislative Concerns Committee. Please contact the Director of Legislative Affairs if you are interested in joining the NAGPS Legislative Concerns Committee. The activities of the committee are as follows:

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  • Monthly teleconferences with the committee to report in and share any legislative issues that may present themselves
  • Assisting with keeping track of what is happening on Capitol Hill so NAGPS can provide timely responses
  • Assisting the development of white papers, lobbying leave-behind materials, and resolutions for current and future issues
  • Working with the NAGPS Regional Chairs to help jump start advocacy efforts at NAGPS member universities
  • Assisting with planning for NAGPS bi-annual Legislative Action Days in Washington, D.C.

Contact Information
Director of Legislative Affairs


Updates from the Legislative Concerns Committee

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  • The Legislative Concerns Committee held its first meeting January 31, 2016. Planning is ongoing for Legislative Action Days on March 12-15.
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